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Electric Machine Movers and Pedestrian Operated Industrial Tugs

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Motor Mover Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electric tugs and industrial machine movers. We have solutions for all your material handling needs. Our pedestrian operated tugs can   be used for a wide range of purposes within your business. Whatever problem you are faced with, whether it is distributing products or  moving raw materials, an electric motor mover can make that job much easier.


With our products, you can quickly and easily move heavy  objects which could otherwise be incredibly burdensome to move. The Super Mover is the latest in a line of pedestrian operated industrial tugs. It comes in 3 designs, the mini, the maxi and the major. These can move all of your heavy products, from 250kg to 20,000kg.   Whatever it is you need, we have it. The versatile Super Mover will move any industrial rolling load with ease, even in confined spaces.

Supermover Maxi Supermover Mini Supermover Major

Supermover Mini

Supermover Major

Supermover Maxi

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For more information, or to order a Motor Mover or Super  Mover today, get in touch. Our friendly team is always on hand to give you any help and advice you may need. Call us on 01162 210 077 or email sales@avinnovate.co.uk.

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